Arriving at Gdansk airport

Arriving at Gdansk airport
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Gdansk airport (also known as “Lech Walesa airport”) is located only 10 kms/6 miles from Gdansk city centre. This makes airport transfers relatively cheap.

There are several options to get to the city centre.

1/ Taxis from the airport

You can catch a taxi from outside the arrivals hall but please avoid private taxis. It’s best to only use taxis with the phone numbers on the side of the vehicle and a light on the roof of the car. You can expect to pay around 60 Zloty (just over £ 10) for the trip to the city centre.

2/ Tele-taxis

Although 60 Zloty is not overly expensive there are some who may prefer to save even more money and you should be able to do that by arranging for a taxi to collect you from the airport. You should be able to save about 25% -35% of the cost of a standard airport taxi. You will have to work a little harder for your savings in that you will have to contact a taxi company and communicate with them your time of arrival and where you will meet them at the airport. Many taxi companies speak English and it may be wise to make a preliminary call to the taxi company the day before your arrival just to be sure.

3/ Buses from the airport

The airport is well served by a few buses which will take you to the city centre in Gdansk or even Sopot.

The following bus lines operate from the airport

No 110 – to Gdansk

No 210 – to Gdansk

No 122 – to Sopot

There is also a night bus-N3, which will also take you into Gdansk

Journey time is approximately 40 minutes with a single fare ticket costing around 3.60 zloty.

4/ Private transfer

Although your hotel could probably arrange this for you it would probably work out cheaper if you source your own airport transfer and there are many companies with English language websites that advertise on the internet.




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