World War Two Museum

World War Two Museum
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Gdansk is blessed with a number of museums that are well worth a visit if you’re in the area and the World War 2 museum in Gdansk is one of the most popular attractions in the country.

Museum of the Second World War

The newest museum on the block is the much anticipated Museum of the Second World War which is currently being constructed just a few kilometres across from Westerplatte (the location where the opening shots of World War II were fired).

The museum promises to use the most innovative and modern methods of delivering an engaging experience to visitors. Focusing on the war from the perspective of ordinary people it is hoped that the museum is able to deliver on it’s promise.

Due to open some time in the summer of 2016


Amber Museum

Located in front of the entrance to Brama Zielona (Green Gate) just before you enter Długi Targ is the Amber museum. The Baltic sea is famous all over the world for it’s amber and what better way to prepare yourself for the dozens of amber shops and merchants you will find when you enter the Old Town than to visit this museum to learn a little more about how amber is formed and how it can be crafted into some unbelievable works of art and jewellery.

Unfortunately, many of the exhibits do not have English translations but the exhibits speak for themselves.

The building itself is interesting in it’s own right and was once a military fortification complete with it’s own torture chamber and torture instruments which are available to view for the inquisitive sadist.

A few tips worth remembering if you decide to visit is that there is no lift so you have to walk up to all of the floors. Also, be aware of the view from the top floor overlooking Długi Targ. It offers one of the best views of the Old Town but you have to find the right window to look through ! Finally, the museum isn’t very large so you can allow an hour for the duration of your visit.


European Solidarity Centre

Only built in 2014 this museum tells the story of the Solidarity trade union movement and what it meant for the people of Poland and much of Eastern Europe.

English language link to the museum’s website



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