Arriving at Warsaw airport

Warsaw airport has two international airports. The main one is called Frederic Chopin airport which is situated about 10km/ 6miles from Warsaw’s centre. The other Warsaw airport is called Modlin which is further away.

There are several options to get from Warsaw airport to the city centre.

1/ Taxis from Warsaw Chopin airport to the city centre

A taxi ride should take around 20 minutes and taxi fares are approximately 50 zloty. Usual airport taxi etiquette applies i.e. ensure you only use airport approved taxis from the taxi rank otherwise you may get stung for a higher fare than you were expecting. General advice is to only use the taxis with the name of their company displayed on the roof but you can always ask airport staff if you’re not sure.

2/ Tele-taxis from Warsaw Chopin airport to the city centre

May be a little cheaper if you ring for a taxi on arrival but you may have to contend with language issues when you make the call. However, there are some good apps available now and one that is usually recommended is although there are others on the app market too. Don’t forget to download the app BEFORE you arrive !

For further information then please visit the Frederick Chopin Airport website

The second international airport in Warsaw is called Modlin and is generally favoured by the budget airline, Ryanair. Modlin is located 40km from Warsaw’s city centre so knowing the best transfer options takes on extra importance.

1/ Taxis from Warsaw Modlin airport to city centre

The easiest way to get from the airport to the city centre but also the most expensive. Expect to pay around 159 PLN zloty if you use the official taxi companies outside the airport. You may be able to get it for less if you choose another taxi company but you will need to phone them to arrange although your hotel may be happy to sort that out for you. Transfer times from Modlin airport to Warsaw city centre are approximately 40 minutes.

2/ Train from Warsaw Modlin airport to city centre

The airport offers a shuttle bus service which will take you to Modlin train station from where you can then catch a train to Warsaw’s city centre. Prices are very reasonable although this option can add a little bit of extra stress when you first land so is probably only advisable for those who are confident enough to handle public transport in a foreign country.

3/ Bus from Warsaw Modlin airport to city centre

The Modlin bus service is a very affordable and comfortable option to get to the city centre. If you pre-book your ticket then expect to pay only 9 PLN zloty but if you buy at the kiosk within the airport then the price increases to 35 PLN zloty

For further information then please visit Modlin Airport’s website.