Beach Bars on the Polish Coast

You would normally associate a beach bar with a Caribbean resort or somewhere equally exotic but Poland has a surprising ace up it’s sleeve. The Baltic Sea doesn’t have any tide or, to be precise, it DOES have a tide but the effects are so minimal as to be hardly noticeable.

This means that bars, restaurants and even hotels are able to sit right on the sandy beaches of Poland’s northern coastline without fear of being washed away by the daily tide.

At first sight it can seem a little odd when you come across your first beach bar in Poland and see a permanent bar built on the beach with tables and chair on the sand but it really adds a lot of charm to a resort when you can chill out with a drink and with your feet in the sand.

A lot of places have their own decking and terraces and some nightclubs even extend the dance floor onto the beach !

Some of the more exclusive hotels will often have their own private beaches with bars with the Sheraton and Grand Hotel in Sopot being notable examples.

The Polish coastline surprises many visitors with it’s white sandy beaches almost reminiscent of what you might find in Florida. If you are outside of a bar and think you can save on bar prices by buying your booze in a local grocery store to drink on the beach then be advised that it is illegal to drink alcohol on the beach (bars are excluded obviously). Having said that, it seems to be a law that isn’t readily enforced as it’s very common to see youngsters drinking wine and beer on many Polish beaches.

You don’t even need a coastline to drink in a beach bar as there’s a growing trend in some urban areas for riverside bars and clubs to be set up during the summer season such as Temat Rzeka in Warsaw.