Flights to Poland

Visitors from the UK and Ireland are often surprised how close Poland actually is.

Flights to Poland from most UK airports are between 2 hrs to 2 hrs 45 mins obviously dependant on which airport you are flying from and which one you are flying to.

Typically, the shortest flight time from the UK would be to Gdansk Lech Walesa airport in the north of Poland which averages about 2 hours but it’s not unusual if 10 minutes is shaved off the flight time if winds are favourable.

Flights to Krakow and Warsaw are approximately 2 hrs and 40 mins away and the most easterly airport in Poland, Lublin, is only a few minutes longer.

Visitors from Northern Ireland can fly from Belfast to Krakow in approximately 2 hrs 45 mins. A flight from Dublin to Krakow would take slightly longer.

Surprisingly, there are no direct flights from the United States of America to Poland and so U.S. passengers would have to book a connecting flight with the U.K being the most popular connection.

map of poland

The main airlines which fly from the UK to Poland are :-

Wizz Air
LOT Polish Airlines
British Airways

These airlines alter their flight schedules to Poland throughout the year according to customer demand and holiday seasons so it is always worth checking each airline to see what options they have at any given time.

Prices tend to be fairly similar across these airlines although British Airways and LOT are generally higher. Ryanair, Wizzair and Easyjet are classed as “budget airlines” and it is possible to find cheap flights to Poland if you are determined enough (or happen to be lucky on the day you book).

Finding the cheapest airline ticket can be something of an art and many column inches have been written about the optimum time to book. One specialist booking agent believes that the best time to book a ticket is “53 days in advance”. Try to avoid peak days such as weekends or just before Easter or Christmas.

When looking at budget airline websites it is worth remembering that they frequently have online promotions and at these times it’s possible to get a real bargain on your flight prices. One useful tip is to subscribe to the airline’s newsletter and whenever a promotion becomes available you should receive an email in your inbox.