Gdansk Ferris Wheel

Gdansk Ferris Wheel

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If you’re not afraid of heights (and even if you are) we would highly recommend getting a ticket for the Ambersky Ferris Wheel experience.

Tickets cost 28 zloty or 18 zloty for people under 1.40 metres and the ride offers a wonderful view over the Old Town of Gdansk.

The Ferris wheel has become a very popular attraction at it’s home on Granary Island right at the end of Ulica Dluga. Each cabin can hold up to eight people and there is also a VIP cabin with a glass floor for a total 360 degree panoramic experience.

The cabins provide a great view over the Gdansk skyline and especially over Ulica Dluga and the surrounding streets. Make sure you have your cameras ready although the ride normally rotates slowly around five times so there’s plenty of time to snap a great picture. However, if the picture is more important to you than the ride then it might be sensible to apply some prudence as to when to go on the ride. Avoid rainy days as the rain droplets trickling down the surface of your cabin will absolutely ruin any photographs you try to take. Also be wary of night time shots as any flash will just reflect of the interior surface of the cabin !