Konstancin Jeziorna

The small town of Konstancin Jeziorna is an absolute gem and has been described as Poland’s “Beverly Hills” as it boasts some of the highest property prices in the whole of the country.  Located about 21 km south of Warsaw, the leafy suburban summer resort is nestled within a forested area where you will find dozens of very impressive residences and villas with a mixture of pre-war and modern architecture. In contrast, you will also find many abandoned pre-war villas in various degrees of decay that have adopted a poignant charm of their own.

These ruins have lain empty for years due to ownership disputes as a result of the war and communist rule as well as families inheriting property in this area that they cannot afford to renovate.


Practically every property is set within it’s own area of small woodland and it’s a pleasure to walk along the forested streets and admire the different styles of architecture in an area that is still hugely popular with Poland’s wealthy and elite.


Konstancin Jeziorna has developed a reputation as a health resort over the years partly due to it’s close proximity to Warsaw which allows people from the city to travel a short distance to relax and breathe in the fresh pine air. A number of spas and health clinic are now dotted around the town and one of the town’s most famous attractions is the “tężnia” (a graduated brine tower). It consists of an enclosed structure filled with blackthorn twigs and branches with brine (salty water) flowing down over the branches. As the brine solution flows down and drips onto the branches it starts to evaporate creating a micro climate inside that is believed to offer several health benefits. It is an open air feature and very popular with visitors especially on a nice sunny day.


The tężnia is located within the Zdrojowy Park where you can spend a couple of pleasant hours strolling around. Some of the features within the park include a statue of John Paul II, a sundial, numerous playgrounds for children, cycling and walking paths, a volleyball court and an amphitheatre where free performances are held during the high season.