Malbork Castle

Only a thirty minute train ride from Gdansk railway station is the stunning Malbork castle.

This red brick, low rise castle seems to hover above the river Nogat and is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful castles in the world and it’s not difficult to see why.


The Teutonic Knights built Malbork castle in the 13th Century when the area was under Prussian rule. At the time it was finished it was considered to be the largest brick castle in the world and even today lays claim to being the largest castle in the world by land area.

Malbork castle has had a turbulent and rich history having been occupied by the Prussians and the Swedes as well as being a royal residence at one time. The Nazis commandeered the castle during World War Two which led to it being a bombing target towards the end of the conflict. The castle suffered serious damage and over half of the buildings were destroyed.

The latest restoration was completed only in 2016 but by that time Malbork castle had already been designated a World Heritage Site due to it’s historical importance. Today, Malbork castle is a popular tourist destination for people who stay in Gdansk as the castle is easily accessible by train from Gdansk.

The castle houses several museums inside and is open all year round with the exception of public holidays which are detailed here.

Ticket prices range from 19 PLN to 39.50 PLN depending on time of the day and whether you are eligible for a discount ticket or not-prices are also cheaper during the winter season.

If you’re lucky then you might be able to coincide your visit with one of the many battle re-enactments that take place within the castle grounds but even if you miss these events then Malbork castle is still a great place to visit for young and old alike.