Poland Currency Cheatsheet

The currency rate in Poland is quite easy to manage. For many years the Polish zloty hovers around the 5 zloty to 1 British pound so doing the mental arithmatic when paying with Polish money isn’t too taxing.

The Polish zloty, as with all other currencies, goes up and down but you will not go far wrong if you calculate 5 Polish zloty as equating to approximately £ 1 British pound.

In recent years I have started carrying a Poland currency cheatsheet with me which is really easy to do. You can write it by hand or create a simple Excel spreadsheet. Then, find the Pound equivalent of 5,10, 20, 25, 50 zloty etc and print it out so you can carry it around with you whilst in Poland. It’s very helpful if you just need a quick reminder of how much you are spending.

We have created a simple Excel spreadsheet that you can use as your Poland currency cheatsheet. The exchange rates are accurate as of January 2021 and we will try to update them quarterly throughout the year. Remember these are approximate conversions based on today’s rates and assuming the zloty continues to remain around the 5 PLN = 1 GBP mark (which is has pretty much done for many many years).

Please download our Polish currency exchange cheatsheet below.