POLIN-Museum of Jewish History

One of the newest museums in the country, the POLIN museum of the history of Polish Jews opened in 2005 and has won much praise for it’s sensitivity in portraying a turbulent and painful history for the Jewish people who have lived in Poland. In 2016 this Warsaw museum won the European Museum of the Year Award which considering the competition across the continent demonstrates that this is a museum held in high esteem.

One may be forgiven for thinking that the POLIN museum is only about the Holocaust (although this plays an important part). The museum is dedicated to the entire history of the Jewish people in Poland and explains the story of how Jews settled in Poland over one thousand years ago, how they lived peacefully for many years and also how they suffered.



The POLIN museum has become a centre of debate and dialogue surrounding Poland’s relationship with the Jewish people and visa versa. Guest speakers, conferences, temporary exhibitions are all utilised to help better deliver the narrative of the history of Polish Jews.

The museum is located in the centre of the city and can be reached by the number 15, 18 or 35 tram to the Muranów stop. You can also catch the 17,31 and 33 tram to the Anielewicza stop.

Give yourself at least 3 – 4 hours to walk around the museum but you can easily spend a lot longer there. The museum is well served with a cafe and restaurant and there is also a kosher bar towards the entrance of the restaurant where a variety of snacks and ready to eat kosher are available.