Polish prices comparison

Hopefully you will have read our guide to Polish currency and are now comfortable enough to spend, spend, spend so here is a short guide as to how some prices in Poland compare with the UK.

UK Average Price Poland Average Price
Cigarettes Marlboro Gold Original x 20 £9.30 £3.00
Camel Blue x 20 £9.69 £2.83
Petrol Litre of Unleaded £1.14* £0.93*
Beer Pint of beer/lager £3.10** £1.00 **
Cocktail Glass of Mojito £4.95 £3.30


* Price of petrol varies dependant upon the location and region-the same as in most countries.

Also worth noting that there are several options of fuel available at Polish petrol stations. Most rental cars run on 98 octane but it would be wise to confirm which type of fuel is required when you pick up your vehicle.

** The average price of beer is difficult to assess as there are many variable. A tourist bar in the middle of Krakow may cost more than a bar used by locals in Krakow. There is also a difference in price between draught and bottled beer. If you opt to try Polish beer then prices will be significantly lower than in the UK