Images of Poland from the sky

Images of Poland from the sky

It used to be that to obtain aerial images of a town or landmark you would have to get permission then charter a private plane and then stick your camera out of the plane’s window. Today, things have become a lot easier with drones now hitting the mass consumer market meaning anyone can buy and fly one (although there are still restrictions in place when it comes to flying them over certain areas).

Consequently, we are now seeing aerial drone footage from all over Poland, not only footage of major cities but smaller towns and villages, forests, seaside resorts, mountains etc. It has literally introduced a new perspective on travel photography for the masses.

HD cameras are a common feature with drones so image quality is often superb.

There are now many companies who provide professional filming services with drones but a far greater number of amateur hobbyists who are only too happy to upload their footage for everyone to enjoy.

Below are a selection of some of the latest drone videos of Poland.

Drone footage of the Tatry mountain range


Drone footage of Szczecin

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