Urban Beaches in Poland

Poland’s Baltic coastline is a hidden gem and if you get the chance to see it then you should but this northern coastline is the only part of Poland where you can enjoy the sea and sand…….or is it ?

In recent years urban beaches in Poland have become more and more popular. The cities of Warsaw and Wroclaw have modified the sandy river banks of the Wisla and Odra respectively and turned them into an oasis of sand, deckchairs, volleyball courts and even beach bars right in the centre of the city !

To keep the sandy banks in tip top condition approximately 3.5 tonnes of sand are added to the beach and although the beaches are only usually open during the summer season (end of May to the end of September) they have proven to be very very popular-over the last twelve months more than 15,000 people visited the Poniatowka beach in Warsaw.

Wroclaw can lay claim to having the largest city beach in Poland around Ulica Wejhorowska at an impressive 15,000 square metres ! The area is very popular with families during the day but at night the places undergoes a transformation and had rapidly become one of the coolest places to hang out for drinks and music.

Pop up beach bars have started to spring up both in Wroclaw and Warsaw and enterprising owners have realised that locals and tourists love the idea of kicking off their shoes, lounging in a deck chair with a glass of wine or beer and just chill. Some bars have even created a dance floor on the beach with extended terraces complete with atmospheric lighting.

There are an increasing number of bars now to choose from each with their own unique vibe so there’s plenty of choice for everyone. Beware though that swimming is not allowed in the Odra river as it is very deep and has very strong currents.

A special zone has also been designated for those who prefer more active pursuits. A badminton area and beach volleyball court are available but also a place to play boules and even an area specifically for barbecue enthusiasts.

At the HotSpot beach bar there is also a play area for kids and a small climbing frame to keep them entertained.