Sizzling September

Sizzling September

September in Poland this year has so far been pretty much an extension of summer.

The country has enjoyed plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the mid to high 20’s even nudging into the low 30’s on some days (in old money, that is around 77 degrees Fahrenheit up to 87 degrees Fahrenheit).

If you said to somebody that you were visiting Poland for the weather they would probably look at you strangely but this month perfectly demonstrates how wrong many people are about the weather in Poland.

A warm Autumn is very common and Poles usually refer to it as  “Golden Autumn” with plenty of warm, sunny days. The “Golden” part also refers to the dazzling colourful display of the tree foliage as leaves turn gold, orange and red. With a large proportion of Poland being covered by forests and with their warm Autumns then it’s a viable alternative to visiting New England for the Fall.

Another benefit of visiting Poland at this time of the year is that it is considered to be out of season and so hotel prices are reduced from their summer time highs.

Sizzling September is set to continue at least for another week !



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